Out Of Time (2003)


Out Of Time (2003)

Director: Carl Franklin

Actor’s: Denzel Washington, Eva Mendes

Police Chief Whitlock played by Denzel Washington is somewhat of a playboy. Whitlock and his wife Diaz played by Eva Mendes recently separated but have not yet completed their divorce. Whitlock is having an ongoing affair with Anne Harrison who is married to Chris who is an abusive women beater played by Dean Cain who is an ex professional quarterback. Anne has cancer and only has 6 months to live. She finds an expensive medical treatment over sea’s but cannot afford it. Anne signs up Whitlock to be the beneficiary of her life insurance policy. Whittlock gives Anne 450k out of the evidence safe but later finds out he has been played by the married couple all along. Anne and Chris’s home explodes and they are gone along with the money. Whitlock is on the hook for their death but are they really dead? The force on Whitlocks tail but he has not given up yet and is trying to solve the crime before he takes the fall.

The flow of the film was good and the acting was A grade minuses a few scenes. The videography was clean and the film kept you on your toes. I was surprised that Denzel Washington would play the character of Whitlock because he was pretty much a scumbag but Denzel did a good job. It was a fun movie. Most of the scenes were shot with soft light and my favorite scene was with Denzel and the man with the stolen money hanging off the hotel edge. I am assuming Great Green screen work went into that scene. Also Whitlocks alcoholic buddy Chae played by John Billingsley Made the film that much more enjoyable … What a good character. He’s on a crime scene not just drinking beer out of the fridge but taking one to go. 3.5 stars.


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