About Time

About Time

About Time
Director: Richard Curtis
Writer: Richard Curtis
Romantic Comedy

Synopses: At the age of 21, Tim played by Domhnall Gleeson, finds out from his father that he has special skills. He can “do over” events that he feels hasn’t gone well. He meets a girl named Mary, played by Rachel McAdams, and tries to meet her. When the first attempt does not go well, he does his “do over” and meets her. They become boyfriend and girlfriend and then the movie moves through their time together as well “do overs” that he felt didn’t go as well as it should, including an intimate scene. The movie continues with other events and ends in marriage and children.
Review: I really enjoyed this film. It was one I could watch and enjoy without much energy or thought. Domhnall Gleeson played Tim. Domhnall is better known for his rolls in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow Part II (2011), and True Grit (2010). He was the kind of 21 year old that a girl’s mother would like her daughter to bring home and his acting was good in this part. Rachel McAdams role was perfect for her. She brought freshness and sincerity to the role and was the perfect girl next door. Together they made a very cute couple.
The direction was good and it changed scenes with little interruption in the plot and the England scenery was beautiful.
About Time is definitely a girl flick and could be watched at a girls sleep over.


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