The Last Song (2010)

201003-the-last-songDirector:  Julie Anne Robinson

Writer:  Nicholas Sparks

Synopsis:  “The Last Song” is a touching story about love and spiritual father, and the romance between Ronnie and Will. In the city, she’s a rebellious and crazy girl. She and her brother lived together but not with their father, Steve Miller, since their parents divorced. On vacation in summer, Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to live with their father in Tybee Island. Ronnie feels frustrated, angry and suspicious all of the people around her, including Will until they participate in the campaign to protect turtles, she began to feel very much loved Will. Moreover, he feels better than before when she lives with her father and deeply understands more about him.

Review:  There’s a lot of stuff being transmitted in The Last Song; such as faith, forgiveness, friendship and family relationship that are the tap into the hearts of audiences because they can recognize them in their life. Love started to flourish among young couples. Ronnie would feel comfortable when she lives in the new place and doesn’t feel too boring as she thought. She begins to discover, learn how other girls do at this age. She feels everything around, closer with her father, enjoy the fun and romantic experiences of her first love. One thing, music makes her to feel more passions and feelings about her life that she has tried to throw away long time ago. Ronnie is a girl whom audiences may have met many times in real life. After the end of the journey, at Ronnie’s maturity and her warm open heart to everyone. The movie shows people how to love each other when they feel they are nothing in this world. If we try our best, we know how to forgive, we will get a lot of amazing things back in our life.

“When I look at you” by Miley Cyrus


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