Hazmat (2013)

Director: Lou Simon

Synopsis: This film is about a group of friends who go onto a tv show like Scare Tactics and attempt to set up one of their friends; Jacob. Jacob has always been interested in haunted things and such so they decide to take him to one place he really thought highly of, an old warehouse where a bunch of workers were killed, including his father. So the friends work with the tv show hosts to set up their buddy and finally get him inside. He notices the cameras but just says that somebody is watching them and they will need to get inside the office and take care of the problem of them being on film. He even tries to break into the office but it is a bunker, it is also where all the people who killed the workers hid while the workers were being killed. There is no power in the building, and it is built like an insane maze; all they have is flashlights. So they enter into the building and decide to split up, the 2 guys go off together and the 2 girls go off together. The hosts are all in the office watching monitors to cue their “Hazmat” scare-tactic stunt man into going out to scare the bajeezus out of Jacob. Jacob snaps when he sees that his supposed best friend has been “killed”.  He then kills the stunt man and begins to look for the others. He is now completely and fully dressed in the Hazmat uniform that the stunt man was wearing. He comes upon his “dead” buddy who sits up and is complaining about the joke taking too long… Jacob is not thrilled and is now completely crazed, he kills him for real. The hosts are trying to figure out how to reach the others and how they are going to escape themselves, they have no phones to call for help and Jacob is wielding an ex. One by one he takes out most of his friends, after figuring out it was all an evil game. The hosts try to make several breaks for the outside world and come up against Jacob and must try to defend themselves.

Review: I enjoyed this movie. It was not great and was a little slow in the beginning, I also felt like it should have been longer, but that if it were longer it could have been not done as well as it was. This movie was not great by any means but enjoyable if you like movies that make you want to go explore someplace creepy and will cause you to feel a little jumpy while doing so. It wasn’t all that scary and wasn’t very gory either, although it did have a few moments that those who are squeemish may not appreciate. It is all filmed very dark, there is no light other than the light given by the flashlights really in this movie so it keeps you curious what is around the next corner. I had zero expectations when I found this film, I was looking through Redbox when I came across it and decided to give it a try. It has some pretty bad reviews online but I do not agree that is is a total waste of time. It has no bigger actors in it, the acting is mediocre but it has an interesting story and keeps you wondering who is going to be the one to make it out alive to tell the story about the crazy ax-man in the Hazmat suit. I don’t know if I would buy this movie, but I would watch it again probably. I would give it at least a 3 star rating; not a terrible movie at all.


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