Peeples film poster.jpg

Peeples is a 2013 American comedy film written and directed by Tina Gordon Chism and co-produced by Tyler Perry. It stars Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington and was released by Lionsgate on May 10, 2013.

Ratings: 5.1/10

This movie is a fun comedy and it is definitely¬† PG 13. Kerry Washington plays a young girlfriend to a young man Craig Robinson who is named in the movie Wade. Wade would like to marry Grace ( Kerry) but he first has to meet the family. This reminded me on the Focker family a bit because they are all so cooky. Wade is trying to impress Graces father who is quite tough and doesn’t like Wade. Seems like no one is good enough for his angel. Poor Wade looses his wallet at the begging of the movie and has to be at mercy of Graces father to pay for the bill. This was embarrassing and poor Wade didn’t get any points there. No matter what he does he cant do anything right to shot this family that he is the one fro Grace. Also, not to mention that at the Moby Dick a book reading he drank the wrong drink that was lased with mushrooms. Poor Wade was high and was trying to attach Graces father again. Then there are Graces sister and her lover girlfriend who are trying to hide from her father that they are lesbians. Seems like everyone in this family has secrets and no one is up front with each other. This a great movie and at the end it always has a good happy ending. I would suggest this movie for down time.


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