Godzilla (2014) Directed by Gareth Edwards

Lets start with the good. This film has the best visual effects i have ever seen in a movie. it’s even hard to describe, youll just have to see it. Brian Cranston is a fantastic actor that brings a ton of emotion and realism to the film and is easily the best charecter in this film. Wantanabe also did fantastic as always. The creature design of the MUTO’s is very creative and well realized. But Godzilla….wow. The first time you get to see Zilla, is utterly breathtaking. The camera pans up to reveal his face, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. Gosh he was cool! I wanna go see the movie again just for the scenes with him in it! the final battle between the MUTO’s and Godzilla is breathtaking. A couple of nods to Jurrassic Park made me giggle as well. I wont spoil them but watch out for them people. Also there’s even a subtle nod to the old Godzilla nemesis, Mothra in one scene as well for fans with a keen eyes.

I have been waiting for Godzilla to come out since they announced it like 3 years ago. I had monstrous expectations for this film. That being said…This movie does a lot to piss me off. Im not gonna spoil any of them but lets just say, that the director teases you with awesomness all through the first and second act. He sets up something thats sure to be epic, than at the last second pulls back. But thats all i can say without spoiling. Aarron Taylor Johnson plays Brian Cranstons son in the film, and he is the luckiest guy in the history of film. Lazy writing comes up with the most convenient ways to save him from insane odds. He is like the main charecter in a video game, when the player has Godmode on. Its insane. And if that wasnt enough, his charecter is even boring. Johnson is a great actor, i love him in kick ass and he was great in the awful movie Savages. But he didnt show an inch of emotion during the entire film. In a creature-feature like this when his hometown is being leveled, you would think he would show a frowny face once in a while. Olsens charecter was more emotional but was only in it for like 3 seconds so it didn’t matter much. The biggest thing for me in the end was how Godzilla wasn’t in the movie for the entire first act. The whole first act was trying to set up characters so you care about them when the shit goes down later. But since the characters are lame and flat, it seemed that the whole first hour of the movie was a waste. After I realized that i just wanted to have big monster fights and set pieces like Pacific Rim. But like i said earlier, Godzilla isn’t in it enough to make that comparison.
    I am a HUGE Godzilla fan. I have seen most of the classics so i had very high expectations for this film and i fear that set it up for failure for me personally. Nevertheless, I truly believe that this movie has the best visual effects of any movie i have ever seen. Every shot of Godzilla in this film, made my jaw drop. Those two points alone lift my grade on this film. Im giving it a7/10. The faults are too big to get passed, but the sheer scale and epic-ness of the third Act makes up for it almost completely. I loved this movie but it has its faults. Some people went in thinking that theyre gonna get another Pacific Rim, and those people left in the first hour. 3 of my friends left. So stick with it and go in opened minded and you’ll love it.


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