Neighbors (2014)

Director: Nicholas Stoller

Synopsis: Neighbors is about a set of new parents, Kelly and Mac, who are just getting used to being responsible for another human-being. The house next door goes up for sale and the Radner’s await their new neighbors. When a fraternity shows up, Kelly and Mac decide to “play it cool” with the kids in hopes of the kids keeping their parties to a minimum. One night the frat’s party is too loud so the Radner’s are forced to call the cops, which in turn causes the fraternity brothers to start a war. They go back and forth, pranking one another and causing complete mayhem. Eventually the war is resolved and each character has come to realization of what has been holding them back.

Review: This movie was definitely very funny, and pretty much met my expectations. The trailers were pretty straight-forward, although just about anyone could infer what would happen when a college fraternity moves into a suburban neighborhood. One thing I didn’t like about this movie was that apparently, the frat house only bothered the next door neighbors, and only on one side. I feel like the movie could have been funnier if the other neighbors were involved, at least a little bit, or even featured at all. It just made the film seem more unrealistic. However, I did like how the director took every character and had them develop as a person. For example, Mac and Kelly realized they’re ready to leave their lives as being irresponsible, and Teddy realized that life isn’t all about fraternities, as he previously thought for the past four years. I usually don’t enjoy Nicholas Stoller films, as I looked up what he has directed and see very few movies that I’ve seen that I liked. He has a very “vulgar” sense to his films that I just don’t seem to enjoy. However, I did enjoy this film. Don’t know if it’s because of the actual movie or Zac Efron/Dave Franco. 🙂


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