Ride Along (2014)



Ride Along (2014)

Director: Tim Story



Ride Along is a hilarious Film staring Kevin Hart as Ben and Ice Cube as James. Ben is a video game addicted high school security guard who has a dream of someday becoming a police chief. James is hot headed police detective who Cannot stand Ben because he is dating his sister and also accidentally set James on fire during a family BBQ. Ben finally has been invited to be apart of the police academy and hopes he will impress his girlfriend and ask her to marry him. James invites Ben to ride along for a day in the field as a police officer in hopes of pushing Ben away from his sister and crush Ben’s dreams of becoming a police officer. After a Bearded chew spitting biker women, a drunk naked man throwing fish James and Ben end up on the heals of a notorious criminal named Omar. The fun, humiliation and games now turns into a life or death situation.



The beginning of the film was great. I loved the text overlays and transitions. The editor’s really took their time to make the introduction of the cast and crew impressive. The film was shot very pro and was damn funny. Ice cube and Keven heart were a good one two punch of comedy. Ice Cube played a good hot heated rule breaking police officer and and Kevin Hart was just what you would expect…. Hella funny. I give Ride Along (2014) a solid 3.75 stars.


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