Frozen Review


Directed By; Chris Beck, Jennifer Lee
Released: 2013
Frozen is Disney’s newest computer animated musical fantasy comedy-drama, loosely inspired by; Hans Christian Andersons fairytale, “The Snow Queen”.
The story is about two Princesses Elsa and Anna who are not only best friends but best friends. Elsa has the magic power of making ice. While creating a winter wonderland in the castle the two princesses build a snowman they name, “Olaf”, who likes warm hugs. Elsa accidentally hits Anna with her powers when she tries to save her from falling. The King and Queen seek out the help from the trolls who successfully remove the magic from Anna and her memory of her sister’s gift to make ice. Elsa is kept away from everyone including her sister Anna until she can learn to control her powers.
The King and Queen are killed 10 years later when the ship they were on capsizes in a horrible storm.
Three years later Elsa is to be coroneted. Anna is so excited because, the gates to the castle will finally reopen. She hopes to finally meet someone special. However, Elsa is still unsure if she will be able to control her powers.
Elsa reconnects with Anna at the party. Anna is so happy when she sees Elsa so happy. The duke of Wesselton offers Elsa her first dance as Queen but, she refuses offering Anna instead. Anna and Hans dance the night away. Hans promises to never shut her out while they tour the kingdom. At the end of the tour Hans abruptly proposes to Anna and she immediately accepts. Anna and Hans hurry back to the ballroom to get the approval from Elsa. Elsa is not happy that her sister wants to marry someone she just met and denies the marriage, telling her she knows nothing about true love. Anna fights back telling Elsa that all she knows is how to shut out people she loves. Elsa is visibly hurt and orders the party to end and the gates closed to the kingdom. During the argument Elsa becomes so agitated causing her powers to be exposed to the guests. Elsa panics and she heads into the mountains. There Elsa begins to feel free to use her powers and creates an ice castle. She the recreates “Olaf”, the snowman her and Anna had when they were young. Elsa also creates a castle and an ice dress.
Anna later sets out to find Elsa. Along her way she loses her horse and meets Kristoff. Anna convinces Kristoff to take her to the mountains when she comes upon Olaf. Olaf shares his dream of experiencing summer and takes them to Elsa’s hideout. Elsa finds Anna find each other but Elsa is still concerned about hurting Anna. Anna swears to stand by Elsa and help her manage her powers.
Elsa becomes nervous and accidentally hits Anna in the heart. Elsa creates a giant snow creature that Olaf names, “Marshmallow”, to throw them out. Anna throws a snowball at Marshmallow which causes him to chase Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf down the mountain. Marshmallow kicks Olaf over the cliff and orders them to never return. Kristoff then notices that Anna’s hair is turning white. Kristoff turns to the trolls for help. The trolls insist they marry. Anna collapses as the Grand Pappie appears and states that only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart or else Anna will freeze solid. Hans goes to search for Anna when her horse returns. He comes up to Marshmallow and after a fight he curs off Marshmallows leg. While Hans battles Marshmallow the Dukes men attack Elsa who fights back nearly almost killing them both. Elsa tells Hans she can’t undo the snow because she can’t control her powers.
Hans is returned to Hans and is getting sicker by the minute. Instead of kissing Anna and saving her he reveals his plan to take over her kingdom and never loved her. Hans puts out the fire and leaves her to freeze to death. He tells the kingdom officials he was too late and sentences Elsa to death. Elsa escapes and heads into the blizzard. Olaf arrives and starts a fire to keep the princess warm. Anna urges Olaf to leave because he will melt. Olaf tells Anna that love is putting someone else before themselves.
Olaf takes Anna to find Kristoff her true love. Hans has found Anna in the meantime and tells her Anna is dead. Anna and Kristoff reach Elsa just as she hears the sound of a sword. Anna decides to save her sister and, puts herself in between the sword and Elsa. Anna freezes solid just before the sword hits Elsa. Hans is knocked out. After a few moments Elsa sees her sister has thawed and came back to life because she sacrificed herself to save her sister.
Elsa realizes that love is the key to controlling her powers and thaws the kingdom.
Olaf smiles but immediately melts due to the summer heat. Elsa revives him and creates a flurry cloud that keeps him cold and allows him to live his dream of experiencing summer.
Hans is sent back to be punished by his kingdom.
The movie ends with Elsa creating an ice rink and promises to never shut the gates again. Elsa gifted Anna a pair of ice skates made of ice.
After the credits it is revealed that Marshmallow survived. He finds Elsa’s crown and crowns himself ruler of the ice castle.




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