X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)


Director: Bryan Singer

Writers: Simon Kinberg (screenplay), Jane Goldman

Synopsis: It’s a story about The X-Men try to change the future by sending Wolverine to the past. It’s a war between humans and the muntants in the past and also the X men and government squad weapon in the future.

Review: This movie is incredible. The effect in this movie is amazing. Beginning of this movie is a scene that shows up the new enemy of the X-men; the squad weappon. They are so powerful and are created by govenrment. Their mission is killing all the X- men and creates a new peace but it seems the world still like so dark and devastated. Mystique killed Dr Bolivar in the past, but it seems they still caught her after that and they used her gene to creat a weapon that automatically kill any X men in the future. One thing about that killer weapon; it can change the power to defend the X men’s power. It seems that’s the strongest weapon in the world. To change the future all the X-men get together and send Wolverine to the past to stop Mystique’s thinking. Wolverine is not the person who can connect everyone together; he’s just a man who has powerful and solves the problem by himself so that this is a biggest mission ever in his life. The world will change or not because of him. Power, faith, trust and love were showed very clear in this movie. The weapon with super powerful; the faith in the better future; trusting anyone to become a powerful group and love can change people’s thinking. This movie reminds me what I did in the past will be my result in the future. Being a good person and treating people with my real heart are the ways to get a better future in my life without any regret and mistakes. This is very great movie.



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