Non Stop (2014)


Non Stop (2014)

Director : Jaume Collet-Serra

Non Stop has an all-star cast with Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore. Marks (Liam Neeson), an Air marshal, is blackmailed over a secure line by an unknown passenger who will kill one person every 20 minutes unless his money is received. Trying not to clue in any passengers on his investigation into the string of murders, Marks has the weight of the world on his shoulders. When the money is not coming in, will Marks be able to save the passengers before it is too late?

The beginning of the film starts with Marks point of view, where his vision is blurred. Marks is an alcoholic. The shots seemed somewhat distracting and did not feel like Marks was actually drunk but seemed more like shallow depth of field shots that were created through software editing rather than focus pulling. I found that it brought me into watching the edit more than bringing me into the film. My favorite scene was the fight scene between Marks and another agent inside the lavatory. When one man’s wrist is about to break, the other would reverse the move and almost incapacitate the other. I found that the film was very entertaining with an almost Sherlock Holmes feel to it. However, the movie felt unrealistic and somewhat cheesy. For example it almost seemed like Marks had super powers at different times, being at the front of the airplane and then the next cut he is in the back of the plane saving a girl from flying out of the plane. Although it was entertaining to watch I give the film 3.5 stars.


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