The Day (2011)

Directed by Douglas Aarniokoski

Starring Shawn Ashmore, Brianna Barnes, Ashley Bell, and Dominic Monaghan

This movie focuses on a group of five survivors in the post apocalyptic future. They walk for days and finally come across a farmhouse that they believe to be safe. They hunker down there for a while in order to rest and recover. But they soon found out that the farmhouse is not as safe as they thought and find themselves fighting for their lives against cannibals.

I was first enticed to watch this movie because Dominic Monaghan plays in it. I enjoyed his acting in the show Lost and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Ashley Bell also does a magnificent job acting in The Day. She plays a girl who has a secretive past and leaves the others in her group wondering if they can trust her. I very much enjoy watching post apocalyptic movies, and this one does not disappoint. There is a lot of violence and gore, but that kind of goes along with making a movie where people have to survive by any means necessary. I found it interesting that the director decided to tell a story about the cannibalistic group of people that attack the main group at the farmhouse. It gives the viewer a different perspective on how different people choose to survive and how some sacrifice their morals and beliefs in order to survive. The only bad part about this film is how slow it can get at certain times.There are more than a few parts, mainly near the beginning where I was left wondering when the movie was going to pick up and why they were focusing on some of the smaller details, which then made more sense closer to the end.


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