Maleficent (2014)

3d-MaleficentDirector: Robert Stromberg

Writers: Linda Woolverton, Charles Perrault (based from the story “La Belle au Bois dormant” by)

Synopsis: It’s a story about a fairy, named Maleficent who was desperated from her love, the King Stefan and wants to revenge him by cursing on his daughter, the princess Aurora. Day by day, she realized she did a wrong thing and want to revoke her spell but…

Review: This is a great movie. In my childhood, I always thought about Maleficent was a bad fairy and so devil; but this movie changed me all my view about her. When I look it back about the story or the Disney cartoon ” Sleeping Beauty”; sometimes it was not true about some scenes in cartoon and story such as: Why the true love is a prince after they met each other for very first time or why Maleficent curses on princess. Everything should have reasons and this movie show up all specific details I have never understood before. Maleficent is not a bad fairy; the bad one is the King who wants to protect his kingdom by cutting Maleficent’s wings. In princess’s birthday, Maleficent cursed at her when she turns in 16th and she’ll be killed by a needle and sleeping forever. Maleficent follows her grows up day by day. Sometimes she helps the princess to overcome the accident. Nothing can change and no any power can revoke Maleficent’s spell on the princess even her magic. She tries to revoke but it’s impossible. The only one to let the spell comes out is finding a true love. So the only person who can do that is…In this movie, I feel the warm heart in evil’s appearance. People need love; respect and believe. Once you can have all of those, life will be easy and you can do something miracles.


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