Exit Humanity (2011)

Directed and written by John Geddes

Starring Brian Cox, Mark Gibson, and Dee Wallace

After coming back from the Civil War, Edward finds that people have a strange sickness in which they come back to life after dying. With his kid and wife in danger, Edward has to protect them. He travels around a lot with his horse, meeting all kinds of people. Those who want to kill him and those who he makes friends with. He then learns of the strange beginnings of the sickness.

I enjoyed watching this movie. It is your typical zombie movie, but in many was it is different. One of the ways that is is different is that it is explained how and why the sickness came to be. There were a couple small goofs, like when he is holding his gun at someone, the position of his hand changes on it each time the scene cuts to a new scene. I enjoyed the liked watching the characters develop. Edward, the main character, goes from being in the Civil War to being at home with his family. Then people start coming back to life and he has to get used to the idea that they are alive again, but not the same as the people they once were. Then he has some ingenious ways to kill them and also uses them to kill the people who are trying to  kill him. And of course he meets the woman who created the zombies, and learns why she did that and how the sickness can be stopped. Most post apocalyptic movies do not explain the origins of the sickness, whether it is zombies, vampires, or just an earth that is hard to survive on because it is too cold or too hot etc. I usually want there to be an explanation of how it came to be, but am usually unsatisfied when the movie leaves it unanswered.


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