Left Behind (2000)

Director: Vic Sarin

Synopsis: The end of the world has happened. Or so it seems. People everywhere are vanishing; this film is based off of a popular book series: Left Behind by Jerry B Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. This film follows a reporter, Buck Williams, Rayford Steele, a pilot, and his daughter, Chloe as well as a local pastor, Pastor Bruce Barnes as they witness the disappearances and then struggle to figure out what is going on and why their friends, and families, and neighbors are suddenly gone. There is no pattern, men, women, children, all races, all ages… just gone. There is one man, Nicholae Carpathia, who in the books is the anti-Christ and he is rising up to try to create a false world peace, and unity between all nations. People everywhere are looking for answers and only a few are catching on; Buck, Rayford, Chloe, Pastor Barnes included. They begin to notice that Nicholae is the anti-Christ and see that the world is about to be turned even more upside down that it already was by the disappearances. This film is all about the Rapture and the end days as told by the Christian Bible in the book of Revelations.

Review: I have read this book, and after reading the book, I have to say that the movie does decently at portraying the original story but there are several things that are different. It does not follow the books very well, and the sequels do not either from my understanding. It is a very interesting story nonetheless. It seems like it is going to be a completely different type of movie in the beginning, then all of a sudden the vanishings happen and people are going crazy trying to figure things out. It has a realistic sense to it where people are louting and stealing and just going nuts. It is very interesting to see how the story progresses and it shows the connections between the characters and how their relationships develop. In the beginning of the film Chloe and her dad were fighting and now they are brought together and believing the very thing they were fighting over in the beginning; the mother/wife’s beliefs about the Bible. Some people may be skeptical about watching this film because it is supposed to be all about the rapture and the coming of Jesus and all of that; and to an extent, yes it is. But it does not have a whole bunch of overly religious stuff in it that some may expect. I believe it gets heavier into that in the second movie than it does in this one. This one is more introductory to get the story started and the characters introduced. I would recommend it to people who enjoy a good drama, with a little bit of adventure and drama thrown in. If you have read the book you may be a little disappointed but it is still a very good movie at least from my point of view. I am interested enough to watch the next two movies that sequel this one as well as to see the upcoming remake of this first film that is supposed to be coming out in October. Not sure why it is being remade but who knows. All I noticed is that the remake has the writers of it being the people who wrote the books, unlike this film. Overall great movie in my opinion.


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