Maleficent – The untold story

Maleficent started out in a world of innocence, in a world where everyday was a great fun magical day. She was surrounded by fairy and creatures but she was the main fairy living in a fairy land. Until one day she meets a human, from the forbidden other side of the forest,  that steals her heart and then after years of seeing each other the human, who wants to rule to kingdom comes and steals Maleficent wings. Based on the story of Sleeping Beauty of 1959, Sleeping Beauty is told throughout Maleficent eyes. What a story it is. As I girl I was always scared of Maleficent but now I love here. Here story is an amazing journey of a child growing up with a “God mother” and the “God mother” loving the child like her own, destine to keep the child awake. In the below picture is Angelina Jolie’s real daughter Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, who had a role in the movie. I will be going back to see it again this week. It is truly an amazing story.



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