Year One (2009)

Director: Harold Ramis

Synopsis: Year One is about a group of neanderthals trying to survive the stone age, when their village catches fire, forcing them to move away from their current home. The story follows two main characters, Zed and Oh (played by Jack Black and Michael Cera), on their adventure in the city of Sodom where they eventually end up having to save members from their tribe from the biblical characters the two cavemen encounter.

Review: I enjoyed this movie, however, I was not pleased with the humor references to the bible and examples throughout the movie along those lines. The first time I ever watched this movie (back when it first came out) I did not fully understand the extent of the film. Now, watching it again a few years later, I realize just how much Hollywood gets away with, especially nowadays with movies like This is the End, but that’s a completely different review. Anyway–the overall plot of the movie was enjoyable, although cliche- boy loves girl, girl ignores boy, girl is in trouble, boy saves girl, girl loves boy, now they live happily ever after type cliche, but it was a good movie to say the least. A lot of interesting concepts and funny dialogue. I can only think of one other Harold Ramis film that I’ve seen, that being Knocked Up, which was also fairly enjoyable yet lacked a good overall moral message. I have heard his other films are good ones, I have just yet to watch them!


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