The Croods 2013

I took by grandson to see this movie. We both loved it. There was some adult humor which I always enjoy while watching a animated movie. Good review.

Burnt Popcorn


  • Release date: March 22, 2013 (USA)
  • Ratings 7.3 stars
    This 3D  children’s movie is great and it will bring you back to the stone age when fire did not exist and when we lived in the caves. In this movie the family of croods has a routine and that is to survive. Just daily surviving in the world full of furry things ready to eat you can make life quite complicating. But, when a new person try to join their family and teach them  few new things the father crood is not so happy. His daughter on the other side is thrilled for a teenage boy that knows all kinds of stuff and better yet he wears shoes and knows how to start…

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