The Vow (2012)

the-vow04Director: Michael Sucsy

Writers: Jason Katims, Abby Kohn (screenplay)

Synopsis: It’s a story about a couple who fall in love for a long time and be ready to get married, buta car accident changes everything and Paige wakes up without any memories about her husband Leo. He never gives up on her and finds the way the get back her memories and the most important is her heart.

Review: This is a nice movie. For the very first beginning, it was so happy to see the couple fall in love and ready to get married; but the accident changes everything. My emotion can’t stand anymore. How could that be? What’s wrong with their life? Coming up to my mind a lot of bad ideas about that situation. How they can live without another half-life? She wakes up and remembers not everything but except her husband memories. Leo is so worried and disappointed about his life. Is it a new beginning? It’s so hard to start again; especially being love is not a day, a month or a year. It’s not only about time; it’s also about feeling between two hearts. Leo tries to get back her memories and her heart again. It seems so hard for them when her ex- boyfriend show up in her life again in this situation. Everything can change if we try our best and something belongs to us will be ours. The Vow shows me life will never let us alone when we try our best. Time can change everything and it can heal everything. Just one thing: “don’t give up on things we love and believe; it’s sometimes not now but later we will get it”.


8 responses to “The Vow (2012)

  1. Reblogged this on Burnt Popcorn and commented:

    I’ve never seen this movie. It sounds like a movie I would like. I don’t know why I like movies that touch me so much they make me cry but I do.
    Great review.

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