Just like Heaven (2005)

Just-Like-Heaven-poster-1020352821Director: Mark Waters

Writers: Peter Tolan (screenplay), Leslie Dixon (screenplay)

Synopsis: It’s very special story about a man falls in love for the spirit of woman who used to live in his apartment. He’s so afraid of her and doesn’t know why they can see each other. Day by day, they find out the answers for a reason why they can connect together. Most of all, they need to save their love when time is not enough anymore….

Review: Do you believe in love for the first sight? Do you believe in destiny in this life? Do you think there always are so many reasons for meeting someone in this life? Love will bring you back? One of my favorite’s movies can let my tears come out. I love the way to make this movie. It seems very simple; but it’s not. Elizabeth Masterson is a dedicated physician, worked in San Francisco and almost no time for the other. When her sister arranged an evening watching her love, Elizabeth got a car accident and fell into a coma. Meanwhile, an artist named David Abbott moved to live in San Francisco and the same with Elizabeth’s place. In the apartment, the spirit of Elizabeth haunted him. She did not remember who she was, her family, and how she used to be. All she remembered was her apartment and the location of all the furniture. David agreed to find out the Elizabeth’s life really is and they fell in love each other when they discovered the truth. When the truth was revealed, they discovered that fate brought them together. In 2005, it was a new way to make a movie style like this and the performance of Reese Witherspoon in this movie is incredible. She’s the one and the reason I had to see this movie. I always believe in fate and people I met. There are always many good things in this world show up every day in our life. I’m living my life and welcoming to special things come to me.


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