Rubber (2010)

Director: Quentin Dupieux
Synopsis: This is an incredibly strange movie about a rubber car tire, named Robert, that rolls around and blows up inanimate objects, animals, and even people with psychokenises. It is a serial killer tire. It starts off with a group of random people who are all out in a desert type area and are put in a specific little boxed off area and they are all given binoculars and told to watch. So they all stand around and eventually find this tire and watch it get it. First it just rolls itself over a few objects and mushes them and kills them that way, but then when he comes across something he cannot just break by rolling over he uses its “powers” to blow it up. Night comes and goes and in the morning the tire is ‘awakened’ by some crows and it rolls off. The filming switches back to the onlookers who were sleeping and start to get up when the tire wakes up and starts going around again. After it makes its way to the road it gets hit by a truck while following another car and gets angered and that is when he starts targeting more people. He goes to a nearby hotel and finds the girl in the car he was following before. He follows her around a bit and kills a few more people. The person from the beginning of the film goes to the onlookers and brings them some food and the main person who is creating this “movie” tries to call it all off then realizes the tire is actually killing people. He then goes after the tire to kill it. Not much else I can say without giving away spoilers.
Review: Wow! Where to begin with a review. I had to watch this movie as part of a bet and thought it would be tolerable… If I could have I would have shut it off within the first 5 minutes of the movie. It was ridiculous and weird and just plain horrible. The acting is terrible, the story line is insane! Decent effects I suppose, but still just terrible. I have to admit when I saw the movie at first and read the description on Netflix; I thought it would be decent, maybe even comical or something. Hey come on, it’s a tire that is a serial killer; why wouldn’t this be one of those wow, this movie is nuts but funny films. NOPE! Whoever thought up this movie needs help; really. If you are curious and really want to know what on earth I am going on about here, feel free to watch it to satisfy your curiosity, but keep your remote on so that you can fast forward. It has a lot of slow boring spots where you just watch the tire roll around and look at things. This is a fairly new movie, it must be very low budget and not greatly planned out, it would fit in perfectly alongside any “horror’ movie from maybe the 70’s-80’s but not currently. If anyone out there has ever seen The Blob (1958, 1988) either one, I would rate both of those movies way higher than I would rate Rubber.
Then again, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…


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