The Island (2005)


Directed by Michael Bay Starring Ewen McGregor and Scarrlett Johansson

After an apocalyptic disaster, the population of earth is rebuilding. Forced to live under ground in a huge futuristic facility, thousands of people live cramped indoors dreaming of something better. That “something better,” is a place called the island. A tropical paradise that only one member every so often can go, and only when u win the lottery. Its the residents of this facility’s beacon of hope. One day, Lincon Six Echo (Ewen) discovers what he thinks is the dark and twisted truth about what the island truly is. And he takes his closest friend, Jordan two Delta (Scarrlett) on an adventure to uncover the plot and their true purpose in life.

I liked “The Island” quite a bit due for two reasons: a depiction of the future which wasn’t too “over the top”, which was refreshing, coming from Bay, and that the leads were very effective at portraying their characters. McGregor, from his acting, and Johansson, from her open, fresh expression. There could have been a little more exploration of the cloning question, and I felt the action was, while visually beautiful, mundane. The score was outstanding, the theme beautifully matching the opening to the film. Pity there wasn’t more of it. I love me some Sean Bean! But to those of us used to his villainous work in “Patriot Games”, and “Goldeneye”, this character was a little weak, but due to writing, not his thespian skills. And what’s a Micheal Bay or Cohen Brothers movie without Steve Buscemi? His character was pretty funny as Lincons link to the real world. Djimon Hounsou has a pretty good part. Nice to see him carry a substantial role because hes a fine actor as well. This film has a great cast in it and they all perform well. One good reason to see the film: great visuals, good looking people with consistent positive ideals. Pretty to watch and in my humble opinion, a good watch. Hangout with some friends or family, chill and have fun watching it.



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