Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)


Edge Of Tomorrow (2014)

Director: Doug Liman

Mimic aliens have taken over most of Europe and Major Cage(Tom Cruise) has been assigned to the J squad and sent to the front lines for battle. In transit to France the J squad’s ship is attacked and the Unit is forced to drop early. Cage has no battle experience and lacks knowledge on the operation of his military battle suit. Cage is killed while fighting a Mimic only to wake up back at the military airport where he was dropped off against his will previously. Cage has no choice but to relive this experience from reawakening to death over and over again. During battle Cage finds Rita Vrataski who is a war hero and has experienced the same rebirth in her past. While on the verge of death Rita tells Cage to find her again when he wakes up. Cages self mission becomes finding and keeping Rita alive so they together can try to defeat the alien race before mankind is lost.

The special effects are over the top and the film reminds me of playing a video game from a save point. Trying the same situation over and over again until you can pass the level or go another direction. The director did a great job in shooting the same scenario over and over again with different outcomes. I am sure it would feel like overkill for the crew, Tom Cruise and Emily blunt during shooting but all the effort was well worth it in the end. I would call the film somewhat of a masterpiece once you realize of all the time and effort that was put into the production of this film. I rarely give a movie 4 stars but Ill kick it out for Edge Of Tomorrow just because of how great the special effects were and how much time was put into the production. It was really great to have so many scenes to watch. After so many failures you just know that cage is truly a bad-ass.


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