Stake Land (2010)

Directed by Jim Mickle

Starring Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, and Kelly McGillis

Synopsis: A deadly outbreak has infected America where people come back to life after they are dead. And when they do, they have a thirst for blood. Martin, who is just a teenager, is traveling with his parents when they get attacked by vampires. His whole family is slaughtered, but he is saved by a man known as Mister. He is a man of few words and enjoys being alone and killing vampires. Mister trains Martin to kill vampires too, and with so many to kill it is a good thing he learns how.

Review: I first thought this was going to be a cheep movie that did not have an interesting story line or good acting since it did not have many well known actors in it. But to my surprise, it was only partially a cheep movie. The acting was only a little bad and the plot has a few twists that I did not see coming. I noticed that Nick Damici helped write the movie along with star in it, and as one of the main character too. Stake Land was a refreshing break from today’s zombie craze. Too many zombie movies are coming out, but not enough good vampire and warewolf movies have come out recently. I enjoy how this plot focuses on threats from both vampires and other humans. Vampires are dangerous, but at least you know they are all going to try and kill you. Humans on the other hand can be unpredictable and sneaky. You do not know everyone’s intentions and you can not predict what they are going to do. All in all, I would watch this movie over again because it is that interesting. And I will probably notice more of the smaller details that I did not the first time viewing it.


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