Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

Director- Rich Moore

Synopsis- Wreck-it Ralph is an interesting movie because it is about the characters featured in various video games inside of a children’s game arcade. The story follows Ralph, the “villain” of the game ‘Fix it Felix’, and his struggles being the bad guy. Ralph realized that after so many years of being bad, he wants to be good. Ralph asks to be recognized as an important part of the game during the 50th anniversary party (that Ralph was not even invited to). When told ‘no’ by one of the citizens, Ralph takes it upon himself to win a medal to show the townspeople he CAN be good. The other video game characters are alarmed the next day when the arcade opens and Ralph doesn’t show up for work. Ralph is accused of going “turbo” and forces Felix to find him among the other games in the arcade. Eventually Ralph realizes that you don’t need a medal to be considered a good guy, you just need to be a genuinely good guy, which he discovered he was when he meets little Princess Vanellope from Sugar Rush.

Review- I absolutely, 100%, LOVE this movie! The first time I saw it, I was impressed with Hollywood. The quality of this movie was outstanding. I loved the little things throughout this movie that made it unique. For example, when the little carts traveled from game to game, you could see the little lit up dots on the outside of the cord leading from the outlet to the game- awesome!The music matched perfectly with each scene, and the transition scenes were basically flawless. And of course, the overall message was morally awesome and taught a very good lesson, at least I think so. The relationship developed between Ralph and Vanellope was one of a kind. They were both used to being outcast and alone, which really only brought them closer. Not only did the movie have a good message, but it was extremely funny for a children’s movie. As I did some research about the director, Rich Moore, I discovered that this movie was one of his biggest, and now I am even more impressed! Where have you been, Rich Moore?! I’ve heard rumors about a Wreck-It Ralph 2, and let me tell you, I am beyond excited!!!


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