Week 9 – The Bucket List

The Bucket List

“The Bucket List”

Directed by: Rob Reiner (2007)

Starring: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman and Sean Hayes

When we meet Billionaire Edward Cole he is making a presentation about how hospitals can be more profitable by various means, including having two patients to a room, no exceptions.  Little can he predict that he will be one of these patients suffering a terminal illness  having to share a room with car mechanic and Jeopardy savant Carter Chambers who is also suffering terminal cancer.

These two come from very different worlds that is made apparent to us immediately.  Carter has been through rounds of treatment before and is able to share some of his hard learned lessons to Edward, which Edward is sure won’t pertain to him.

The two become fast friends and eventually end up discussing most of their regrets in life and a “bucket list” is created.  Because of Edward’s financial status they are eventually able to start checking various things off of their list.  During this endeavor we learn much more about these characters, including things that weren’t originally shared.  By the end of the movie they have helped each other through something only the two of them understand.

The movie is very inspiring and well done.  There is enough comedy to not make it overwhelming sad given the obvious content.  Rob Reiner definitely stamps the movie with his stereotypical imprint as he did with other movies such as Sleepless In Seattle.


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