How to Train a Dragon Movie Review for Week 10

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How to Train a Dragon (2010)
Directed by: Dean DeBlois and ChrSanders

How to train a dragon is Dreamworks wonderful animated suspenseful, heartwarming story, set in a mythyical Viking village named “Berk”. Berk is plaqued with viscous attacks from dragons that frighten the people and steal their livestock.
Hiccup, an awkward teenager and son of the Cheiftan Stoick, wants his father to be proud of him but really isn’t the fighting type. Hiccup is small and clumsy and lacks the mass of the average Viking male. He works as an apprentice with “Gobber” , the village blacksmith and designs mechanical devices to hell against the dragons.
During one attack Hiccup uses one of his devices to try to catch a dragon called ” the night fury”. No one has ever seen one because, one has never been caught. Hiccup actually hits one with his device and goes into the forest to find it. Hiccup tries to kill it but, is unable to. He cuts the dragon loose and it flees into the forest.
Stock in the meantime arranges an attack and places hiccup in a class taught by Gobber, the blacksmith, to learn how to fight dragons. A girl named Astrid is also in the class and hiccup has a crush on her. Astrid is a very aggressive girl and is first annoyed by hiccup due to his clumsiness. Hiccup learns in the class that dragons always go for the kill and becomes worried that the dragon he caught will attack the village so, he goes to find the dragon and kill it first. When he finds the dragon he learns that the dragon injured his tail and can not fly.

Hiccup eventually earns the dragons trust after feeding it and playing with him everyday. Hiccup names the dragon “toothlass”, because he has no teeth and,devises a contraption to help his damaged tail and a harness to ride him so he can learn to fly again.
Hiccup not having the size of the other children in the class, and being clumsy, uses his knowledge of toothlesses behavior to beat the dragons in the class and,becomes the star pupil in class. Hiccup being the star pupil earns the right to fight and kill a dragon.
While Hiccup is in class the fleet returns after going to try to find the dragons nest and destroy it. Stoick learns of his sons success in class and is pleasantly shocked but very proud.

How to train a dragon is a great film, and I would actually have to put it up there with “Finding Nemo”. The animation is incredible. Just when you think they can’t improve on the effect, well, they do. This delightful movie shows us that we don’ t have to be the biggest or strongest in order to make a difference. It is a wonderful love story and family film. The comedy and use of effects immediately draw you in and keep you entertained throughout the entire film.


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