Sleeping Beauty Movie Review, Wk 2


Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Disney’s wonderful , romantic, adventure, fantasy released in 1959, was the final animation overseen by Walt Disney himself.

The film begins with the birth of King Stephen and his wife’s daughter, Princess Aurora.  Many come to show their respects among them is King Hubert and his son Prince Phillip.  Princess is betrothed to Prince Phillip which the two kingdoms hope will unite their kingdoms when Princess Aurora come of age


There are three delightful fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather.  Each of the three fairies come to bestow a gift to the new born princess.  Flora gives the gift of beauty, Fauna, the gift of sound but, Merryweather gift is interrupted by the arrival of Malificent.  MMalificent( a sorceress from the forbidden forest), is furious because, she was not invited to the celebration , and casts a spell upon the newborn princess.  Upon her 16th birthday Princess Aurora will prick her finger on a spindle and die.   King Stephen orders Malificent destroyed but, she disappears in a plume of smoke.  Merryweather then uses her gift to stave off the spell from Malificent. Merryweather gift is that Aurora will not die but, will fall asleep until “kissed by her true love”.  King Stephen in precaution orders all spinning wheels burned.

The three fairies raise Princess Aurora away from the castle in an old woodcutters cottage  Disquised as her aunts, name her ” Briar Rose”. On the eve of her 16th birthday the fairies send Aurora out to pick some berries as they prepare her birthday cake.  On her way to pick berries Aurora confides in the forest animals following Ber, that she dreams of one day meeting a Prince.  The animals find a cap and hat close by and make an imaginary Prince for Aurora to dance with.  TThese items actually belong to Prince Phillip who was riding nearby on his horse “Samson”.   He finds Aurora and the two share a lovely dance but, neither realizes they are betrothed.  Remembering what her aunt’s warned her about strangers, Aurora runs off and returns home.

Princess Aurora, returns home to a birthday cake and beautiful dress made by the three aunts. Aurora tells her aunts of the man she met in the forest and that she is in “love”.  The fairies having no choice reveal their true identities and that she is already betrothed to Prince Phillip.  Aurora distraught, not realizing that her betrothed is the Prince she met, runs off to her room.  NNo one notices that Malificent raven,” Diablo”, peeking through the window.   He flies off to inform Malificent what he has learned.

Backat the castle everyone is preparing for Auroras return but, Malificent kidnaps the prince, and tricks Aurora into touching the spindle of a spinning wheel created by herself.   Rescued by the three fairies Prince Phillip goes to rescue his bride however, he will have to get through the evil dragon that Malificent has transformed into.

Whathappens next I cannot reveal.  YYou will have to watch the remarkable film yourself.  The film is rated G but may not be suitable for some younger viewers.  There are scenes of drinking wine where , one actually stumbles and collapses after drinking.  TThere are also many scenes of Malificent that are Erie and frightening.  The use of music helps to create this persona and can at times be very intense.  There are also references to “hell”, which may offend some viewers.

SleepingBeauty stands alone as Disney’s pinnacle of animated films.  IIt was the first film where the Wide screen  Technicam 70 process had ever been used in a feature animation film.  With a realistic design the camera pans up and off into a dreamy, surreal vignette.  IIts a wonderful scene and really takes you there.

Lastbut not least is the music.  TThe song ” Once Upon A Dream, is probably to this day, mine as well as many girls, most memorable song.  It captures the hopes of every little girls dream of “True Love”, and just makes you feel good.  This film is truly a gift and one worth seeing over and over.  Enjoy!

























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