The Room (2003) Week 2


“You are tearing me apart, Lisa!”

Director:  Tommy Wiseau


Johnny has a seemingly great life.   He has a great career and he’s in the midst of a promotion.  He has good friends such as Denny, his college going neighbor and his best friend Mark, who is always there for Johnny when he needs him most.  He is also engaged to the the love of his life Lisa.  However Lisa inexplicably becomes bored with her life, and decides to try and seduce Mark.   Lisa’s mother, who has just been diagnosed with breast-cancer,  attempts to reason with Lisa, reminding her of the financial support Johnny will be able to maintain for her.  Unfortunately for Johnny, distractions like Denny buying drugs and being attacked by the dealer keeps him unaware of Lisa’s infidelity.  Additionally, Johnny took on a new client at work, who’s identity must remain secret, adding to the distractions he faces.  Although Mark regularly tries to deny Lisa’s advances,  they still persist on continuing the affair. Although much is going on for Johnny, he still tries his best to give good advice to his friends, as well as doing things such as buying flowers for Lisa.

The story takes a turn for the worse when friends and family decided to throw a surprise party for Johnny.  After the party goes on for a while, the group decides to take the party outside.  Lisa and Mark stay behind inside the house and start to kiss.  Steven, a good friend of Lisa and Mark, walks back into the house and confronts them, explaining that Johnny is very sensitive.  Johnny shortly finds out in front of the party-goers and a fight ensues between Johnny and Mark.   A few days later Johnny hears a revealing phone message between Mark and Lisa.  This leads up to the conclusion of the film.


I love this movie.  Ever since this film gained popularity a few years after its release, many have described it as the epitome of how a film should NOT be made.  Although all would agree it’s is one of the worst movies they have ever seen, its definitely in the category of still being enjoyable.  About 75% of the plot lines and subplots not only lack exposition, but conclusion.  The drug dealer attacking Denny was a 3 minute scene, nothing before or after talking about Denny’s drug use. Johnny’s secret client was only mentioned very briefly in one scene.  Lisa’ mother, mentioned she had breast cancer.  It was set up to be a plot device,  but never was mentioned again in the film.  There is a scene where they are all in tuxedos playing pass with a football.  Then one of the friends falls down and they decide to go home.  Lacking plot, meaning or even novelty,  scenes like this should not exist in a story-telling film.  The acting is absolutely horrible from every actor,  which added fuel to the flame.  One aspect that is good are things like camera angles and lighting, making it seem like it’s really supposed to be a legitimate film.  The beauty of the film is that the bad acting, bad directing, bad writing, all came together and made a fun movie to watch.


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