Week 1 Blog

I like watching movies with action and comedy.  I also enjoy the adventure and gangster films.  I don’t have a favorite director but Scorsese and Spielberg are the main ones that come to mind.  Michael Bay has made some awesome films also.  I don’t look for much when searching for movies.  I just look for entertainment.  If it makes me laugh than I enjoy it even more.  I don’t like horror films because I don’t like being scared.  I get bad nightmares.  That is probably the main reason others do not watch them either.


4 responses to “Week 1 Blog

  1. i saw a movie the other day, it was “Brick” by Riane Johnson. it was made in 2006. it is about a boy named Braden and he love in love with a girl named Emily. She disappears and gets kidnapped by a drug dealer named Pin.Braden finds the girl he loves and the drug leader. During the search he finds Emily dead and the truth why Emily disappeared in the first place.It was a great movie and it had a lot of action. it kept me focus the whole time. i thought some of the drug/gang scenes was what i thought to be. It is a good movie for older teens and adults not for children. It was a good detective movie.

  2. I to like action movies, I also like horror movie. Since you said you don’t search for movies, If I happen to find any good action movies I will let you know.

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