I’m curious about people when they are put themselves into tricky situations that test their observations and human spirit. How do they cope with dilemmas? There are so many movies to choose, but Fargo stood out as entertaining comedy film where you root for your favorite characters while laughing at the misfortune incidents. Snuggle in your favorite couch with a big bucket of buttery popcorn. Please pass the salt. 

Fargo (1996, directors, brothers Joel and Ethan Coen), the off-the-wall comedy drama takes place in a small town, Fargo, North Dakota, in the dead of winter where Jerry Lundegaard hires criminals to kidnap his wife for ransom. The unassuming role of Marge Gunderson as the police officer uses her detective wits with Fargo’s linguistics style to figure out the crime events. What I love about this film are the bizarre personalities of the scheming criminals to the quaint backdrop of the lay-back police force and town folks. The strange becomes bizarre, the normal become strange, and all the interchanging scenes somehow connect the chain of events. This is cult movie that portrays a Midwest small town and its goings-on. Due to sensitivity, there are some violent scenes that may not be suited for your genre in movies.


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