Hi everyone,

My name is Elisenda and usually my favorite movies are the ones based in true events. Knowing that the story happened for real inspires me in so many ways. I like fantasy movies too

I don’t like scary movies at all. I can’t handle it. To me, it fills my soul more to watch beautiful inspiring stories than suffering and being in suspense. I don’t think it is good for my health, so I’ve been trying to avoid them my whole life.

One movie that I watched lately and that I loved was ”Hidden in Silence” based on a true story that happened during World War ll. that was made in 1996 by Richard A. Colla. 

This story happened during the Holocaust, where a sixteen-year-old Stefania (called by everyone Fucsia) and her six-year-old sister hided thirteen Jewish men, women and children in the attic of their home for two and a half years.

Stefania got a job in town as a machine tool operator to be able to provide for all this people hiding in her attic.

The fact that Stefania and her sister risked their lives to save other’s is something inspiring.

I also like romantic movies like the ones based on the books of Nicholas Sparks, like ”The Notebook”, ”Safe Haven”, ”A Walk to Remember” or ”The Last Song”. I used to read a lot of Nicholas Sparks’s books and always loved the movie versions of it. Specially for the sceneries, all based in North Carolina and also the Photography direction in these movies I think is excellent.

When searching for a movie, I always like to find a story that can inspire in my own self and help me grow as a better person and also inspire me artistically and professionally.

Thanks for reading,



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