Week 1 Introduction

Hey there I’m John and  the main thing I enjoy about movies is the score, so movies like the Shawshank Redemption and other movies that properly set the mood to really beautiful music always get to me regardless of plot.   I also really like kung-fu movies, ranging from the 50’s to present day.  Drunken Master, Shaolin Soccer, Tim&Eric, The Office, and all 26 Zatoichi films are a few of my favorite things that have been filmed.  I am a big fan of comedies, but not so much any of the ones that come out in theaters (for the most part).  I really like a lot of documentaries but one flaw I find with many of them is that they spend WAY too much time with visual filler (for example a fast food documentary just showing obese people eating over and over) without adding more useful information.  My favorite film changes a lot, but one that usually stays in my mind even after a few years is “The Room”  directed and starring Tommy Wiseau.  It’s one of those terrible movies that is so bad its good.  I also REALLY like watching reviews of movies, often more-so than watching the movies themselves.  Roger&Ebert&Ropert was often watched in my home, and today one of my favorite things to watch is “The Nostalgia Critic”  who does hilarious reviews for movies from the past (generally) on Youtube and his website.   So I am very much looking forward to the content I will be able to see from you guys!


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