“THE LONG WAY HOME” directed by Micheal Ansara

The movie was filmed in Utah on 2003. IT is a family movie. It is about a 12 yr. boy named Seth who goes to live with his grandparents shortly after the death of his mother. Seth  is a city boy who knew nothing about  being on the ranch or working on one. His grandpa showed him the ranch and explained  the daily chores. The grandma died so his grandpa was forced to show the boy the ways of the ranch. Grandpa gets attacked by the grizzly bear that has been lurking around where the cattle graze. Seth gets his grandpa to safety and off to the hospital. Seth goes back to get the herd and meets the same bear and kills it. Seth and two friends get all the cattle back home just in time for grandpa to see it unfolds before his eyes. Seth made his grandpa very proud. The scene I liked  the best was when Seth daydreams when he is suppose to do chores. I recommend who has children to see this. It was very easy to follow and loved the ending. It was a film that was done outdoors with real horses and cattle. it had the western feel to it



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