I am Legend (2007)

I have actually seen this movie before and I liked it a lot.  It came on cable and I was already doing homework so I decided to write my blog about it.  The Director is Francis Lawrence and stars Will Smith.  It is a science fiction horror film.  Smith plays a virologist named Robert Neville who finds himself alone when a cure originally created to fight cancer, mutates into an infectious disease that turns anyone infected to turn into blood seeking creatures.  Neville is immune to the virus and works on finding a cure for it while the creatures lurk him at night.  Robert meets two other people that are not affected.  They tell Robert of a colony that is closed off that is full of survivors like them. They work to find a way there.  I loved how Will Smith played Robert.  In my opinion he did a great job acting even with so little of a supporting cast.  I don’t usually enjoy movies like these but the story was interesting.  This kind of thing can happen in this day in age so it was easier to believe.  This is the first time I have heard of Francis Lawrence so I looked him up and he directed “Hunger Games:  Catching Fire” along with making music videos for the likes of Britney Spears and Aerosmith.  He even won a grammy for Best Short Form Music Video for Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance”.  I will definitely keep up with Francis Lawrence because he is doing what I want to do one day; make films and videos.


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