Week 2 -Movie Discussion -Memento

The movie is watched this week was Memento.  It was made in 2000 and directed by Christopher Nolan.  In this movie you are introduced to a man that has been attacked and as a result of a head injury, can’t create new short term memories.  He has to devise a way to remember what he has already learned, but forgotten because of his condition.  He does this through an series of notes, pictures, and tattoos.  His ultimate goal is to find the man that attacked him, causing his condition, and also raped and killed his wife.

I really liked this movie and thought that it was well done.  This movie was gripping and fast moving.  It will keep you asking what is going on and focusing your attention to the smallest detail, so you can solve the puzzle the main character is dealing with.  There is some parts that will catch you off guard and also a couple of big twists in the movie.  Make sure you pay close attention to the beginning and the end, or you might miss a big piece of the puzzle.


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