The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2001)

A high school country boy, named Sean, who has had constant run ins with the with the law, is forced to move to Tokyo Japan by his mother.  Even in Tokyo he continues to get in to trouble, when he gets involved with Drift Racing. Soon he is challenged to a race from a man who is called DK, for Drift King. Sean loses due to his inexperience, but is taken under the wing of experienced driver Han. They become close friends, moving in together and Han teaches Sean until he becomes a good drift racer. When DK realizes that Han has been stealing from him and his uncle, he gets angry and wants to confront them. Instead Sean finds a way to return the money, and proposes a race between himself and DK, to decide who will leave Tokyo. After the race Sean is challenged to another race by an unknown and mysterious driver, Dominic Toretto.

Even though Vin Diesel and Paul Walker aren’t in this movie it is a great movie and a great part of the Fast and Furious franchise. I highly suggest it.


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