The Perfect Game (2009)

The Perfect Game, directed by Marcel Rasquin is based on a true story set in 1957 about a group of Mexican boys who are obsessed with the game of baseball. Baseballs and baseball bats are hard to come by, so they fashion their own out of whatever they can find. When they run into a  former Major League coach,Cesar Faz; they convince him to train them and help them form their own Little League team. Coach Faz trains this group of underdogs to play the game; and leads them all the way to the Little League World series! 

I’m not too familiar with the work of Marcel Rasquin but this movie was a pleasant surprise. The film was Inspiring and heartwarming. The Mexican boys all come from relatively poor families but what they lack in personal possession they make up with in passion for the game of baseball. Through the film they face many trials: their training, prejudice, lack of faith from family even their small size. The film leaves you inspired, encouraged and ready to play some baseball. 

This is a great family film! The genre is not something that I usually seek out but this film has many great qualities!


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