The Purge: Anerchy (2014)

Director: James DeMonaco


The movie is set in the not so distant future where unemployment is at 5%, virtually no crime, and the poverty line is shrinking by the day. But for 12 hours every year people are allowed to unleash the beast and purge, where there is no emergency help and anything is allowed even murder. It starts with 3 different stories: a couple, that ends up stranded when their car ends up breaking down minutes before the purge is about to start, a mother and daughter who are not living in the best part of town, and a single man who has something to settle. Throughout the movie they end up together and they need to stay together to survive the night.


I really enjoyed this movie. It was such a thrill beginning to end; I liked how it was explained in the streets of L.A. instead of like the first one where it was mainly took place in a house. It took you from the streets to the subway; the director made you feel like the characters ran through the whole city. He made sure to keep you on the edge of your seats throughout the whole movie. The only negative I have with the movie is how the side story was trying to be told during the action, I understand you need to tell it but the places it was told didn’t seem to fit with me. I’ve only seen one other movie that the director has done and I would say it fits in the same way.



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