The Social Network (2009)


Biography/Drama- 120 minutes

Director: David Fincher, Writer: Aaron Sorkin


While in college, Mark Zuckerberg (actor- Jesse Eisenberg), had an idea to to build a social empire so that everyone could connect about their plans. In the process of developing the site he acquires some help from his fellow college friends. However, later on this may come to bite him. Soon, a few people felt that Mark may have gotten too much recognition and profit that should have been distributed among a few people. 

This movie did a wonderful job of setting and character choice. Jesse Eisenberg was a great choice as Mark Zuckerberg. The Director chose the perfect actor to show the complex emotions that Mark Zuckerberg may have felt, through facial expressions and body language. His looks of being confused or sarcastic was always point on, and this allowed me to feel like I understood the character that much more. I can see the editor did a nice job at recognizing what fit because this movie was very smooth and explanatory

 The Social Network stood out more for the expressions and realistic picture setting. Not many words were needed to express the point because a lot was explained with emotion. The lighting in this movie left me with a very relaxed impression, and when there was animosity it definitely showed. Overall this was a very interesting movie, and I enjoyed the realistic plot. I would recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys something a little controversial, and complex.


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