Cat Ballou (1965)

Kid Shelleen

Director: Elliot Silverstein
Synopsis: Catherine Ballou (Jane Fonda) returns from school to find out that a guy named Sir Harry Percival (Reginald Denny) is trying to take over Wolf City. The only person that is in the way is Frankie Ballou (John Marley). So Cat Ballou hired on gun slinger Kid Shelleen (Lee Marvin) to take on gun slinger Tim Strawn (also played by Lee Marvin) hired by Sir Harry Percival.
Review: One thing I really liked about Cat Ballou is how they brought a western and a comedy togther. One scene that shows this is when Catherine is on the train home and meets a pastor who is as he say “I’m drunk as a skunk”. This movie is really cool because it has the good old bar room fights as the old westerns but it has a lot humorous scenes.


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