Hercules (2014)

hercules-2Last night I watched Hercules.  It is directed and produced by Brett Ratner.  The film stars Dwayne “The Roc” Johnson.  Johnson plays the mythological demigod Hercules, Son of Zeus by way of an extramarital affair.  Hercules has accomplished all of his “labours” and becomes a mercenary after his family is murdered and was accused of murder.  I was not expecting much from the acting and was not disappointed there.  The language used was not accurate of the setting in history.  The action in the film was great.  That made up for the bad writing.  I was entertained as far as just going out and having a good time.  I give it a B.  They could have made a more interesting story.  This movie is an example of the “Hero’s Journey”.  There were some elements of it, definitely.


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