Week 3 – Gravity

In the movie Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron-release in 2013, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock, medical engineer and astronaut apprentice) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney, Astronaut) are working on satellite project in outer space. The scene is set quickly where Ryan and Matt personalities are on the opposite spectrum; Matt, Atta-boy careful style paired with Ryan, a serious no-nonsense approach to the backdrop of space. Disaster happens and it’s up to Ryan and Matt’s journey to survive in a galaxy without their space shuttle. The conflicts they encounter thought as predictable, twists into sci-fi thriller, sitting on the edge of your seat. Best to see this movie on wide-screen television to experience the actors adapting themselves to gravity astrosphere, special effects, and vastness of the relationship of space and earth.

In filming Gravity, I was intrigue in how did they shoot the action scenes and make it look effortlessly and real. They had use robots which gave the camera technicians’ consistent control of motion while interfacing with Autodesk’s Maya software creating new techniques in filming.



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