Week #3

The movie I’m reviewing this week is, Snowpiercer. Very interesting film. I happened to be browsing through comcasts movies and this movie was under the section “same day as theater”. This movie is about a post apocalypse winter. About 1000 humans survived a freezing of the planet on a train the goes around the world. The train has a engine that never stops, and as long as they keep moving it keeps them warm and safe. After 18 years on the train, the people who live in the tail of the train start a revolt and want to take over the front of the train. The cars of the train work similar to the districts in the “hunger games” the closer to the front, the more privileges you have. This film made great use of the train, each section was different, one had gardens, another had an aquarium, and one was a classroom for children, each section was unique. The very rear of the train was the most crowed however, and this is why the revolution started, or was it? The population has o be kept at a certain number to keep the ecosystem in balance, but how is that done is the question. Watch this movie and find out.


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