How to Train your Dragon 2 Movie Blog Week 3

How to Train your Dragon 2

Director:  Dean Deblois

Synopsis:  In the sequel to the smash-hit “How to Train your Dragon” by Dreamworks,  we find the same characters from the previous film, such as Astrid,  Stoick,  and of course Hiccup and Toothless.  This time the film starts instead of hating and killing dragons, with the people of Berk riding them in a friendly race.  Seemingly with humans and dragons now living among each other, all is well.   While attempting to grow his map of the world, Hiccup and his dragon Toothless are captured by another group of people who claim to be dragon trappers, recruiting a dragon army for the main antagonist of this film,  Drago Bludvist.  So Hiccup tells Stoick (his father) who immediately prepares for attack, which ends up being futile when the story picks up with the scene involving an Alpha dragon who controls many dragons at once.  More than just that happens to Hiccup in this adventure, such as the introduction of his long-lost mother.  Hiccup, with the help of his mother and father set out to find a way to rescue and free the thousands of dragons Drago has captured to enslave the world.

Review:  It was a nice little film, just as the first.  As we know about animated children’s movies, they are a dime a dozen.  Something certainly seems to stand out with this franchise, be it the characters, rich with personality, or the lore of the film, such as the many types of dragons or the mysterious history.  Either way, this film is much better than the average animated movie, which is saying a lot considering the fact that it’s a sequel.  The fight scenes were also clearly VERY expensive, as well as having very intricate landscapes and textures.  Very impressed by how well it looked.  Pretty good, definitely worth watching especially if you have a young human in the room.


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