Lucy – A Film Review


This week I am reviewing the new Film by Luc Besson, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman, Lucy.

Lucy is about a student studying in Taipai, who falls in with some bad people when her new “boyfriend” asks her to make a delivery to some people that he doesn’t want to see. When Lucy makes this delivery (reluctantly) she is forced to be a mule for a new designer drug. The drugs are surgically implanted in her abdomen and she is taken to a holding area to await her flight home. The drugs leak and have an unexpected reaction with her system, allowing her increasing access to the unused portions of her brain.  We follow Lucy as she tracks down the other mules that were sent out to deliver the drug to agents across Europe, and as she connects and gets advice from the foremost expert on brain use theory (Morgan Freeman’s character).

I won’t drop any spoilers, so I will leave the description at that point.

This film left me with a ho-hum impression. I really enjoy Scarlett in most of her roles, as well as Morgan Freeman, however, the story seemed to gain momentum then slow down pretty quickly. At times the story didn’t have any real reason to propel us forward in time. At other times, I was interested to see where the character was going. There is a real sense of bewilderment from the supporting characters associated with Lucy and her “powers”. However, there really isn’t any fear involved, just abject acceptance that she can do what she can do. I was left feeling like the reactions from these characters was not realistic.

The storyline comes to crescendo in the end with all of the supporting roles meeting up for one last big battle, as Lucy reaches 100% of her brain power…and then the film is over…just like that.

I am sure if I really sat and contemplated the universe and my role in it as an individual and as a part of the whole, I might find more hidden meaning and profound thought from this film, but it honestly left me wanting more from the story.

Having said all of that, I reluctantly recommend this film if you have seen all of the other movies that are out that you might want to see…otherwise, wait for the video release.





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