Hi movie fans!

This week I watched Maidentrip, a documentary about Laura Dekker, a Dutch schoolgirl who became the youngest to sail solo around the world in January 2012 at age 16. As I said in previous posts, I love documentaries and movies based in true events, so when I have a chance to choose which movie to watch, I usually end up watching one of them. I learned a lot from this adventure and inspired me to be stronger and I got really inspired about Laura’s bravery.

This is a movie directed by Jillian Schlesinger, but it is primarily filmed with a Sony Handy Cam and narrated in both in English and Dutch by Dekker herself during her long trips sailing around the world with her ketch Guppy. A 38-foot refurbished ketch.

Between endless days sailing, Laura stopped on different places around the world like the Canary Islands, the Panama Canal, the Galapagos Islands and French Polynesia.

Between scenes, they showed beautiful watercolor maps, illustrating the paths she was taking. I thought this was a nice touch to the whole movie. This helped the spectator understand her journey.

As I mentioned before, Laura Dekker filmed pretty much everything that appears in the movie, with a non-professional camera, which makes the whole movie look very homemade, but I think this is exactly what we all needed to see.

The homemade effect in the recording of the scenes transmitted her emotions really well, her happy moments, the difficulty of the journey, bad storms and weather…

A professional equipment recording her all the time would not have been the same. Maybe the look would be nicer and more pleasant to watch, but the whole meaning of this adventure would have not been the same. She wanted to travel the world on her boat by herself, so she did it.




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