” The Fantastic Fours” diercted by Tim Story

the movie I saw was the ” THE FANTASTIC FOURS” the extended version. the director is Tim Story. the screenwriters were Michael France and Mark Frost.

I love this movie and it had a lot of action and superpowers. it is about four people who look like normal ordinary people who like to help people and interact with them in everyday events in their life.  they go on a mission with a friend who becomes their business partner to support the mission. they didn’t know at the time but he did it for his own gain not theirs. they all returned from their mission, having their Dena being altered within themselves. the freak accident  had caused  each one of them  to have special unique superhero powers. my favorite  character is “the thing” by Jamie Bell. he was funny in his own way. he loved a girl but she couldn’t accept him for what he had become. he had to learn to accept himself for what he was.  his new friend saw him for as he is inside not outside and didn’t care about the looks ever though she couldn’t see him.  I thought it was neat how the superpowers came to life when they needed it be able to control it to benefit themselves and the world. due to the media, and the people around them the four, they had a name for them “the fantastic fours”. they became a great awesome team together. they fought the villain at the end together  when he was portrayed as their as their friend.

I thought this movie is a great family all-round classical movie. the hero plots was awesome to see just like if I was one of the people watching them do it. I would recommend to any one young or old. it is a great hero movie I have seen in a long time. I will be watching it again and again. it never gets old for me. the more I see it new things I that I never saw before.


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