Boys of Abu Ghraib

This movie was written and directed by Luke Moran, he also co-stars in the movie. It is a story about a solider named Jack, he has been deployed to Abu Ghraid detention center as a mechanic in the motor pool. Out of boredom he eventually requests to be transferred to the Military Police division and is put in charge of some of the worlds worse terrorists with absolutely no training. During the course of the movie Jack finds himself starting a secret friendship with one of the prisoners. Throughout the movie Jack eventually realizes that he is in the worst possible place on the face of the earth. On his first day overseeing the prisoners he is taken back by the appalling way the prisoners are treated.  Every event that happens in the course of Jacks stay in Abu Ghraib torments him beyond belief. The mental strain of his duties takes a life changing toll on Jack.  There is no modern amenities, no power, no phones, no mail and no contact with the outside world. He begins to question everything and disagrees with the way the prisoners are treated. This movie was inspired by the actual events that came to light in 2004. This movie has mild drama and suspense, it is filmed in a chronological order depicting the daily routines of Jack’s tour of duty in Iraq.


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