Transformers Age of Extinction

Michael Bay directs this 165 minute movie currently out in theaters. Mark Wahlberg heads up a cast of charters you will find familiar form other movies and TV shows.

In this latest movie of the Transformers series, humans have turned on all the transformers and are hunting them all down. Cade Yaeger (Wahlberg) finds a beat up old trunk in a old closed down theater that is looking to sell off what it can. He takes it home to work on and later discovers its a transformer. Then he and is daughter must fight off both humans and robots to save the day.

This movie is very long and somewhat slow in parts. The best reason to see this movie, maybe the only one, is for some of the actors in this film. Wahlberg, Tucci, and Grammer all do a great job. Even with that said, you may want to wait until this movie is out to rent before watching it.


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